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Carrier Bryant Draft Inducer Control Board 313680-751

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Carrier 313680-751
Your Price: $139.54
Item Number: 313680-751
Manufacturer: Carrier
Condition: New

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Carrier Bryant Draft Inducer Control Board

Part Number 313680-751 313680751

Replaces the following part numbers

Used in the following models

375A036040A  375A036060A  375A048080A  375A048100A  375A060100A  375A060120A  376A036035A  376A036055A  376A048070A  376A048090A  376A060090A  376A060110A  376B024040A  376B024040B  376B024055A  376B024055B  376B036055A  376B036055B  376B036075A  376B036075B  376B048075A  376B048075B  376B048095A  376B048095B  376B060095A  376B060095B  376B060115A  376B060115B  395A024035A  395A024055A  395A036035A  395A036040A  395A036055A  395A036060A  395A036070A  395A036080A  395A048070A  395A048080A  395A048090A  395A048100A  395A060090A  395A060100A  395A060110A  395A060120A  395B024040A  395B024040B  395B024060A  395B024060B  395B036040A  395B036040B  395B036060A  395B036060B  395B036080A  395B036080B  395B036095A  395B036095B  395B048080A  395B048080B  395B048095A  395B048095B  395B048120A  395B048120B  395B060095A  395B060095B  395B060120A  395B060120B  395B060130A  395B060130B  397HAW036040C  397HAW036060C  397HAW036080C  397HAW036100C  397HAW048080C  397HAW048100C  397HAW048120C  397HAW060100C  397HAW060120C  397HAW060140C  398AAW030040C  398AAW030040F  398AAW030040G  398AAW036040D  398AAW036040E  398AAW036040F  398AAW036040G  398AAW036060B  398AAW036060C  398AAW036060D  398AAW036060E  398AAW036060F  398AAW036060G  398AAW036080B  398AAW036080C  398AAW036080D  398AAW036080E  398AAW036080F  398AAW036080G  398AAW048080E  398AAW048080F  398AAW048080G  398AAW048100B  398AAW048100C  398AAW048100D  398AAW048100E  398AAW048100F  398AAW048100G  398AAW060100E  398AAW060100F  398AAW060100G  398AAW060120D  398AAW060120E  398AAW060120F  398AAW060120G  398AAZ030040AAKA  398AAZ036040AAKA  398AAZ036040GAKA  398AAZ036060AAKA  398AAZ036060GAKA  398AAZ036080AAKA  398AAZ036080GAKA  398AAZ048080AAKA  398AAZ048080GAKA  398AAZ048100AAKA  398AAZ048100GAKA  398AAZ060100AAKA  398AAZ060100GAKA  398AAZ060120AAKA  398AAZ060120GAKA  399AAW036040A  399AAW036040B  399AAW036060A  399AAW036060B  399AAW048080A  399AAW048080B  399AAW060100A  399AAW060100B  399AAZ036040AAKA  399AAZ036060AAKA  399AAZ048080AAKA  399AAZ060100AAKA  58DHB040111BC  58DHB055111BC  58DHB055111CC  58DHB075111BC  58DHB075111CC  58DHB095111CC  58DHB095111DC  58DHB115111CC  58DH035101BC  58DH035101CC  58DH055101CC  58DH070101CC  58DH090101CC  58DH090101DC  58DH110101CC  58DXA040100GG  58DXA060100GG  58DXA080100JG  58DXA100100LG  58DX040100CC  58DX040110GG  58DX060100CC  58DX060110GG  58DX080100CC  58DX080110JG  58DX100100DC  58DX100110LG  58SSB040121BC  58SSB040121CC  58SSB040131BC  58SSB040131CC  58SSB060121BC  58SSB060121CC  58SSB060131BC  58SSB060131CC  58SSB080121BC  58SSB080121CC  58SSB080131BC  58SSB080131CC  58SSB095121BC  58SSB095121CC  58SSB095121DC  58SSB095131BC  58SSB095131CC  58SSB095131DC  58SSB120121BC  58SSB120121CC  58SSB120131BC  58SSB120131CC  58SSB130121BC  58SSB130131BC  58SSL060100BC  58SSL060100CC  58SSL080100BC  58SSL080100CC  58SSL095100BC  58SSL095100CC  58SSL095100DC  58SSL120100BC  58SSL120100CC  58SS040111CC  58SS040121CC  58SS060111CC  58SS060121BC  58SS080111BC  58SS080111CC  58SS080121BC  58SS080121CC  58SS100111BC  58SS100111CC  58SS100111DC  58SS100121BC  58SS100121CC  58SS100121DC  58SS120111BC  58SS120111CC  58SS120121BC  58SS120121CC  58SS140111BC  58SS140121BC  58SXA040C100GG  58SXA040100FG  58SXA040100GG  58SXA060C100GG  58SXA060100GG  58SXA080C100GG  58SXA080C100JG  58SXA080100GG  58SXA080100JG  58SXA100C100JG  58SXA100C100LG  58SXA100100JG  58SXA100100LG  58SXA120C100LG  58SXA120100LG  58SX040C190GG  58SX040150CC  58SX040160CC  58SX040170BC  58SX040170CC  58SX040180BC  58SX040180CC  58SX040190FG  58SX040190GG  58SX060C190GG  58SX060150CC  58SX060160CC  58SX060170CC  58SX060180CC  58SX060190GG  58SX080C190GG  58SX080C190JG  58SX080150BC  58SX080150CC  58SX080160BC  58SX080160CC  58SX080170BC  58SX080170CC  58SX080180BC  58SX080180CC  58SX080190GG  58SX080190JG  58SX100C190JG  58SX100C190LG  58SX100150CC  58SX100150DC  58SX100160CC  58SX100160DC  58SX100170CC  58SX100170DC  58SX100180CC  58SX100180DC  58SX100190JG  58SX100190LG  58SX120C190LG  58SX120150CC  58SX120160CC  58SX120170CC  58SX120180CC  58SX120190LG 

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