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Carrier Bryant Payne 50/5 mfd 370v Round Dual Run Capacitor CPDR505

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Carrier CPDR505
Your Price: $28.95
Item Number: CPDR505
Manufacturer: Carrier
Condition: New

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Carrier Bryant Payne 50/5 mfd 370 Volt Round Dual Run Capacitor CPDR505

370 Volt
Compressor 50uf
Fan 5uf

Replaces the following part numbers
HC98JA051 05706036 P291-5053RS P2915053RS

Used in the following Carrier Bryant and Payne models.

113RNA036000BAAA 113RNA036000BBAA 113RNA036000BCAA 113RNA036000BDAA 113RNA036000BEAA 113RNG036000BAAA 113RNG036000BBAA 113RNG036000BCAA 113RNG036000BDAA 113RNG036000BEAA 123RNA036000BAAA 123RNA036000BBAA 123RNA036000BCAA 123RNC036000BAAA 123RNC036000BBAA 123RNC036000BCAA 213RNA036000BAAA 213RNA036000BBAA 213RNA036000BCAA 213RNA036000BDAA 213RNG036000BAAA 213RNG036000BBAA 213RNG036000BCAA 213RNG036000BDAA 223RNA036000BAAA 223RNA036000BBAA 223RNC030000BAAA 223RNC030000BBAA 223RNC036000BAAA 223RNC036000BBAA 24ABR336A0030010 24ABR336A0031010 24ABR336A0032010 24ABR336A0033010 24ABR336G0030010 24ABR336G0031010 24ABR336G0032010 24ABR336G0033010 24ABS336A0030010 24ABS336G0030010 24ACR336A0030010 24ACR336A0031010 24ACR336C0030010 24ACR336C0031010 25HBR336A0030010 25HBR336A0031010 25HBR336A0032010 25HBR336G0030010 25HBR336G0031010 25HBR336G0032010 25HBS336A0030010 25HBS336G0030010 25HCR336A0030010 25HCR336C0030010 25HCS336A0030010 25HCS336C0030010 38BR036300 38BYW036300 38HDA036300 38HDC036310 38HDC036320LA 38HDC036320 38HDL036300 38HDL036310 38QRA036300 38QR036C320 38TPA048300 38TPA048310 38TR036300 38TZA036330 38TZA036340 38YCA030300 38YC030300 38YKA036300 38YKB030310 38YR036300 38YR036310 38YR036320 462AJC027BA 462AJC027BB 48HEE004300 48HEF004300 48HEM004300 48HEN004300 48HER004300 48HET004300 48HJE004330 48HJE004350 48HJF004330 48HJF004350 48HJM004350 48HJN004350 48HJR004350 48HJT004350 48SDN036060300 48SDN036090300 48SD036060300 48SD036090300 50GL036320 50HEQ004300 50HE004300 50HJQ004300 50HJQ004310 50HJQ004320 50HJ004320 50HJ004330 50SD036300 50SZ036300 50ZPA036300 538ANX030000AAAA 538ANX036000AAAA 538ANX036000ABAA 538ANX036000ABLA 538ANX036000BAAA 538BNX036000ACAA 538BNX036000CAAA 549BJX036000AAAA 549BJX036000AH 549BJX036000AJ 549BJX036000AK 551BJX036000AA 551BJX036000AC 551BJX036000AH 551BJX036000AJ 551CJX036000AA 552ANX036000AFAA 552ANX036000AGAA 563ANX036000AAAA 573ANX036000AAAA 574ANW036060AA 574ANW036060NA 574ANW036090AA 574ANW036090NA 581BJV036060NH 581BJV036060NJ 581BJV036072AA 581BJV036072AD 581BJV036072AH 581BJV036072AJ 581BJV036072MJ 581BJV036090NH 581BJV036090NJ 581BJV036115AA 581BJV036115AD 581BJV036115AH 581BJV036115AJ 581CJV036060NA 581CJV036072AA 581CJV036072MA 581CJV036090NA 581CJV036115AA 581CJV036115MA 591BNX048000AAAA 591BNX048000ABAA 594CNX036000AAAA 597ANX036000AAAA 597BNX036000AAAA 604ANX036000AA 661AJX030000AAAA 661BJX030000AAAA 663WJX036000AAAA 671AJX030000AAAA 693BNX036000AAAA 693CNX030000AAAA 697ANX036000AAAA 697BNX036000AAAA 697BNX036000ABAA 697HNX036000AAAA 700CNX036000AAAA 704ANX036000AA 73YCB227301D 73YCE327301D 810AJX030000AAAA 812ANX036000AAAA AC1ANX036000AAAA HA1AJX030000AAAA HA1BJX030000AAAA HC1BNX036000AAAA PA11JA036000AAAA PA13NR036000AHAA PA13NR03600GAHAA PA3PNA036000AA PA4RNG036000BAAA PA4RNG036000BBAA PH13NR036000AHAA PH13NR03600GAHAA PH3PNA036000AA PH4RNG036000BAAA PH4RNG036000BBAA PY3PNA036060AA PY3PNA036060NA PY3PNA036090AA PY3PNA036090NA

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