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Goodman Air Handler Sequencer Time Delay B1370738

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Goodman B1370738
Your Price: $60.50
Item Number: B1370738
Manufacturer: Goodman
Condition: New

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Goodman Amana Janitrol

Time Delay Blower Relay used on many brands and Models

Replaces the following part numbers

H1-25 A0627 12S50 H24V BT1370700 C65-115 H1-25 12850 A0626 H24V 305234 H24U 305234 B13707-38 H1-25C65-115 12550H24V305234 B1370738 B13707-38 60000C0-27 BT1370700 60000CO-27

Used in the following models
A42-10 A4210 PH024-1B AW18-05C AR32-1 AW18-08C A32-10 AW24-05C AW24-08C AW24-10C AW30-08C AW30-05C AW30-10C A18-00 A18-05 A18-05C A18-06 A18-08 A18-10 A24-00 A24-00-2 A24-05 A24-05C A24-08 A24-08C A24-10 A24-10C A24-12 A30-00 A30-05 A30-08 A30-08C A30-10 A30-10C A30-12 A30-15 A32-00 A32-03 A32-05 A32-05C A32-08 A32-08C A32-10 A32-15 A36-00 A36-00-2 A36-05 A36-05C A36-06 A36-08 A36-08C A36-10 A36-10C A36-15 A36-20 A42-00 A42-05 A42-08C A42-10 A42-10C A42-15 A42-20 A48-00 A48-00-2 A48-08C A48-10 A48-15 A48-20 A49-00 A49-08 A49-08C A49-10 A49-15 A49-20 A60-00 A60-00-2 A60-10 A60-15 A60-20 A61-00 A61-10 A61-15 A61-20 AW18-00 AW18-00PLN AW18-03 AW18-03C AW18-05 AW18-05C AW18-05PLN AW18-06 AW18-06C AW18-06PLN AW18-08 AW18-08C AW18-10 AW24-00 AW24-00PLN AW24-03 AW24-03C AW24-05 AW24-05C AW24-05PLN AW24-06 AW24-08 AW24-08C AW24-08PLN AW24-10 AW24-10C AW30-00 AW30-00PLN AW30-03 AW30-05 AW30-05C AW30-06 AW30-06PLN AW30-08 AW30-08C AW30-10 AW30-10C AW30-10PLN AW3642-05C AW3642-08C FDA040-C3F FDA050-C3F FDA060-C3F PC060-1B PHB024-1 PHB030-1 PHB036-1 PHB036-3 PHB042-1 PHB048-1 PHB048-3 PHB060-1 PHB060-3 XFDA085-C2F XFDA100-C2F AR18-1 AR18-1* AR24-1 AR24-1* AR30-1 AR30-1* AR32-1 AR32-1* AR36-1 AR36-1* AR42-1 AR42-1* AR48-1 AR48-1* AR49-1 AR49-1* AR60-1 AR60-1* AR61-1 AR61-1* ARUF018-00A-1 ARUF018-00A-1* ARUF024-00A-1 ARUF024-00A-1* ARUF030-00A-1 ARUF030-00A-1* ARUF032-00A-1 ARUF032-00A-1* ARUF036-00A-1 ARUF036-00A-1* ARUF042-00A-1 ARUF042-00A-1* ARUF048-00A-1 ARUF048-00A-1* ARUF049-00A-1 ARUF049-00A-1* ARUF060-00A-1 ARUF060-00A-1* ARUF061-00A-1 ARUF061-00A-1* PC024-1 PC024-1 PC030-1 PC030-1 PC036-1A PC036-1A PC036-3A PC036-3A PC042-1A PC042-1A PC042-3A PC042-3A PC048-1 PC048-1 PC048-3 PC048-3 PC048-4 PC048-4 PC060-1B PC060-1B PC060-3B PC060-3B PC060-4B PC060-4B PCK024-1 PCK024-1 PCK024-1A PCK024-1A PCK030-1 PCK030-1 PCK030-1A PCK030-1A PCK036-1 PCK036-1 PCK036-1A PCK036-1A PCK036-3 PCK036-3 PCK036-3B PCK036-3B PCK042-1 PCK042-1 PCK042-1A PCK042-1A PCK042-3 PCK042-3 PCK048-1 PCK048-1 PCK048-1A PCK048-1A PCK048-3 PCK048-3 PCK048-3A PCK048-3A PCK060-1 PCK060-1 PCK060-3 PCK060-3 PCK060-4 PCK060-4 PCKJ024-1A PCKJ024-1A PCKJ024-1A* PCKJ030-1 PCKJ030-1 PCKJ030-1* PCKJ036-1A PCKJ036-1A PCKJ036-1A* PCKJ042-1D PHKJ042-1D PHKJ042-1D* PCKJ048-1 PHKJ048-1 PHKJ048-1* PCKJ060-1 PHKJ060-1 PHKJ060-1* PH024-1 PH024-1 PH030-1D PH030-1D PH036-1D PH036-1D PH036-3A PH036-3A PH042-1 PH042-1 PH048-1A PH048-1A PH048-3A PH048-3A PH060-1C PH060-1C PH060-3C PH060-3C PHK024-1 PHK024-1 PHK030-1 PHK030-1 PHK036-1 PHK036-1 PHK036-3 PHK036-3 PHK042-1 PHK042-1 PHK048-1 PHK048-1 PHK048-3 PHK048-3 PHK060-1 PHK060-1 PHK060-3 PHK060-3 ARUF032-00A-1

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