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Snyder General Hot Surface Ignitor HSI767A370

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Snyder General HSI767A370
Your Price: $25.35
Item Number: HSI767A370
Manufacturer: Snyder General
Condition: New

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Factory Direct Replacement Hot Surface Ignitor

Replaces the following part numbers
1380672 1380680 1380654 767A370 767A-370 41-409 41409 41-403 41403 41-404 41404 201 271 

Used in the following furnaces
Airquest, Arcoair, Clare, Comfortmaker, Heil, Kenmore, Tempstar, Snyder General, Intercity Products, Whirlpool.

Used in ICP Equipment Models:

GNL050N12A1 CGUA040A010-L CGUA0404010-L CGUA040A010L CGUA0404010L GUGO70A012IN GDA060A012A GDA060A012AIM GDA060A012BIN GDA060A012DIN GDA080A012A GDA080A012AIM GDA080A012BIN GDA080A012DIN GDA080A016A GDA080A016AIM GDA080A016BIN GDA080A016DIN GDA100A016A GDA100A016AIM GDA100A016BIN GDA100A016DIN GDA100A020A GDA100A020AIM GDA100A020BIN GDA100A020DIN GDA120A020A GDA120A020AIM GDA120A020BIN GDE045A008AIM GDE067A012AIM GDE090A012AIM GDE090A016AIM GDE113A020AIM GDE135A020AIM GDH075A012IN GDH100A016IN GDH125A018IN GNI045A012AIN GNI045A012BIN GNI045A012CIN GNI045A012IN GNI060A012AIN GNI060A012BIN GNI060A012CIN GNI060A012IN GNI080A012AIN GNI080A012BIN GNI080A012CIN GNI080A016AIN GNI080A016BIN GNI080A016CIN GNI080A016IN GNI100A016AIN GNI100A016BIN GNI100A016CIN GNI100A016IN GNI100A020BIN GNI100A020CIN GNI120A020AIN GNI120A020BIN GNI120A020CIN GNI120A020IN GUA040A010AIN GUA040A010BIN GUA040A010DIN GUA060A012AIN GUA060A012BIN GUA060A012DIN GUA080A012AIN GUA080A012BIN GUA080A012DIN GUA080A016AIN GUA080A016BIN GUA080A016DIN GUA100A016AIN GUA100A016BIN GUA100A016DIN GUA100A020AIN GUA100A020BIN GUA100A020DIN GUA120A016AIN GUA120A016BIN GUA120A016DIN GUA120A020AIN GUA120A020BIN GUA120A020DIN GUB040A010 GUB060A014 GUB080A014 GUB100A016 GUB120A016 GUD100A020AIN GUD40A012AIN GUD60A014AIN GUD80A016AIN GUF17520B GUF20032B GUH10000GIN GUG047A008IN GUG070A008IN GUG070A012IN GUG094A012IN GUG094A016IN GUG117A016IN GUG117A020IN GUG141A020IN GUH060A012IL GUH060A012IN GUH075A012IL GUH075A012IN GUH100A016IL GUH100A016IN GUH125A016IL GUH125A016IN GUH125A020IL GUH125A020IN GUI050A012AIN GUI050A012HIN GUI050A012IN GUI075A012AIN GUI075A012HIN GUI075A012IN GUI075A016AIN GUI075A016HIN GUI075A016IN GUI100A012AIN GUI100A012HIN GUI100A012IN GUI100A016AIN GUI100A016HIN GUI100A016IN GUI100A020AIN GUI100A020IN GUI125A020AIN GUI125A020HIN GUI125A020IN GUI150A020AIN GUI150A020IN GUG07A012IN

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