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Copeland Compressor Replacements

Compressors for residential HVAC units are fairly easy to find a replacement. Copeland offers a variety of replacements for all residential units. You do not have to match up the model numbers exactly and in most cases it will not as the model number is changed for all after market replacements. In other words Copeland changes what is referred to as the Bill of Material portion of the model number for compressors sold as replacements.

Copeland Compressor Model # Breakdown

Example: ZR34K3-PFV-830

  • Z = Scroll
  • R = R22 Refrigerant
  • 34 = BtuK/hr or 34,000 Btu/hr and is equivalent to 3 Tons ( an acceptable Btu difference is + or - 3)
  • K3 = is the revision of this type of compressor and is not important when choosing a replacement
  • PFV = mounting and voltage (as long as the previous compressor has this, then you are OK)
  • 830 - is the Bill of Material that Copeland assigns. This number changes for all replacement compressors and is not critical.

In summary the following model features are critical and need to be the same (highlighted in YELLOW)

Model Example

Model Number Information

  • C = Reciprocating Compressor
  • Z = Scroll Compressor
  • P = R410a refrigerant
  • R = R22 refrigerant
  • K1 = revision (not important)
  • K2 = revision (not important)
  • K3 = revision (not important)
  • K4 = revision (not important)
  • PFV = mounting configuration and voltage (this does not change for replacement compressors and just needs to be the same)

The BTU rating (or tonnage) is the 2 digit number and immediately follows the type and refrigerant information.

Example - ZR22 is a scroll compressor with a 22,000 btu/hr rating and is equivalent to a 2 ton rating. Heat pump and air conditioner tonnages are determined by the amount of btu/hr. Every 12,000 btu/hr is equal to a "ton" of cooling or heating capacity. So 18,000 is equal to 1.5 x 12,000 and equates to a 1.5 Ton unit. It is perfectly acceptable to be within 3,000 btu/hr when replacing a compressor. A 16,000 btu/hr or 19,000 btu/hr can be a replacement for a 1.5 ton capacity compressor. If you have questions, you can contact us for a correct replacement model number.

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