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What is a Mfg. Model Number?

A Manufacturer Model number is information that identifies which unit you have. It helps us provide you with the correct HVAC part for your specific unit. To match this information to your unit, refer to your unit's nameplate or label. This information may include numbers, letters, dashes or a combination of these three.

What is a Mfg. Part Number?

A Manufacturer Part Number is information that identifies the specific OEM (original equipment manufacturer) HVAC part you have. It may be printed on the actual part, or be available in the Owner's Manual for the unit you have.

Where do I Look?

On your Heating and or Air Conditioning equipment, there will be a manufacturer's information tag. It is important to send the COMPLETE Model and Serial Number the way it is on the manufacturer's tag. Without this information, it is very difficult to find the correct information even if you have the part number. The manufacturer changes part numbers from time to time but the Model and Serial number of your equipment doesn't change.


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