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April 2016 - I just wanted to write and let you know that Earl did a great job finding the right blower motor for my air handler Friday. It arrived today (Monday) and I installed it without much trouble. I double-checked all the wiring and read through the installation guide to make sure it was connected properly. Turned the power back on to the unit and everything works great! HVAC Parts Outlet saved me over $500 from the estimate my local A/C company gave! The girlfriend is happy, 2 year old won't be sweating in her sleep, and the vacation fund wasn't decimated. THANK YOU!


Your service is awesome - delivery was prompt - I will definitely use you in the future!


Placed order yesterday and have already received it. Great job, appreciate the prompt service. Will definitely use your company again. Thank You,


Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my inquiry!

You were absolutely right!  It was indeed the air filter.  Would you believe that I was using a kerosene heater to help keep our living room extra toasty?  While I was gone the other night, my family informed me that the heater started emitting black smoke and they finally shut it off.   I hadn't even thought of the filter as I replaced it only a week ago.  On your suggestion, I pulled the filter - and lo and behold - it was completely covered in black soot!  Once the filter was replaced, the furnace worked just fine!

I am very impressed with as other parts suppliers would have simply tried to sell me parts I didn't need. THANK YOU for putting the needs of your customers and prospects first, rather than trying to make a quick buck.  As I have an older furnace and air conditioner that will be needing service and parts replacement in the not too distant future, please rest assured I will turn to your fine company as my first choice!Please feel free to use this as a testimonial of your fine service should you so desire.


I want to thank you for getting my order processed and delivered quickly.  I received my order two days earlier than expected. Thanks again!


Just want to thank "EARL" for his help today. He was very patient looking up the part i needed. Even though you guys did not have it, he provided me the replacement part number that i could use to secure part.  I will definitely use you guys next time. 


I forgot to send a thank you.  My repair bill was estimated at about $700. But, this board saved the day.  The instructions were clear and pretty easy to follow.


Your service is awesome - delivery was prompt - I will definitely use you in the future! The furnace is still running strong. Thanks again,


Thanks, got it! Thank God for American companies that provide this service. The local company would not sell this part to me and I would have been ripped off using their recommended source.


I installed the new valve and this one works perfectly. Thanks for your help!


Just needed to say thanks for the fast delivery of my order .  Just ordered it this weekend and already have it in hand great service Thanks very much


Thanks, but better than the number, the part has arrived!!  Thank you for your assistance, and for the prompt handling of my order. You people are great. Now to install it. Thanks again for the fast service.  The Honeywell universal controller installed quickly and without hiccups. Very straight forward and easy to follow instructions, and the wiring harness adapters made for simple and easy connections to my furnace. I was done in less time than it took to figure out which component was bad. Everything is working well now. Again, thanks! 


I wanted to follow up with you on my repair. I replaced the control board and my furnace works great. You helped me save $340 on the repair and I wanted to thank you for your assistance. I can't believe that a repair company was going to charge me $516 to replace that board and I did it for $176. Thank you again for your help and if something like this happens again you will see me at your web site. Have a great day. 


Great service! Just wanted to let you know that item ordered on Tuesday and received Wednesday. Faster than if I could have picked the item up myself.


Thanks! I  Just ordered the part from your website. Your website is easy to use.   I appreciate your most excellent help and support.


Just wanted to say thanks for the great customer service, and quick shipment.  My parts arrived in just over 24hrs from when I ordered them. I installed them this afternoon (condenser fan and capacitor) and my heat is back in service. Thanks


Thanks for the great service.  The control board has been installed and it works great.  Thank You!


I received my order on time and in good condition – Thank You Very Much!!!


Thanks part fit perfect, oh yea I saved 185.00 dollars


I want to thank the customer service rep for all his help today. His help got my condenser back to service. Also, he was a huge help in troubleshooting a thermostat power problem that occurred while servicing the condenser. Outstanding knowledge and service. Thank you!!!


Thank You from Arizona - The entire experience has been a pleasure. I had heat less than 24hrs after calling. Customer Service - A+, Price A++.  KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK I will be sure to recommend your company and your website to everyone I know.


I just wanted you let you folks know I got my part the next day UPS. Perfect fit and it works GREAT!! It was 89.00 cheaper than my contractor quoted at "cost"??? He was kinda shocked so I turned him on to your website!! 


Hello. I just wanted to mention that I had the pleasure of being assisted today via chat session by one of your Customer Service associates, Earl. I want to express my deepest gratitude to Earl for all his time and effort and for being MOST helpful, efficient, and accommodating throughout the process. In the era of off-shoring customer service operations and general lowering of standards, this is definitely one of the best, if not THE BEST -- experiences I have had with on-line purchasing EVER! You have a customer for life. Thank you so much Earl! And thank you to the company for having sensibility to staff its customer support operation with the associates of such caliber. Kindest regards. CB


Earl, thank you very much for your assistance in locating this part.  Please do not remove it from the link site,   Thanks again, tell your boss that I believe they have a dedicated and honest employee!!!   Or forward this to him(her).


I want to thank you for your prompt response to my order, and the question I had. It was a pleasure doing business with you. Sure beat OEM pricing. Thanks again


Thank you very much EARL, I installed the part and the unit is working perfectly!! Once again your assistance in getting the right part was very much appreciated...Here is hoping you have a good day and a wonderful rest of the year.


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